В Сети обсуждают возвращение Александра Гобозова на «Дом-2» Ex-member of telestroke intrigued fans. In a recent post Gobozov said about drastic changes that will soon happen in his life. Fans wondering what to expect from Alexander.

After her divorce from Allianoi Alexander Gobozov was completely lost in his work. Ex-member of telestroke gave a considerable part of the network business of the former spouse. He had again to seek new clients and team members. Alexander does not forget about the education of his son. He spends a lot of time with Robert when Aliana is on the road.

Gobozova there was a post in which he announced that he was preparing to change lives. Fans are wondering what will please them Gobozov.

“Preparing for the return. Guess where? That’s just not just about “House-2″. Maybe Eliane want to go back. Looking forward to your version,” said ex-member of telestroke.

“StarHit” and contacted Alexander. The man is in no hurry to reveal his secret. “That’s classified information,” – said Gobozov.

Many social network users believe that Alexander is being disingenuous and going back to join the participants of the reality show. “Wherever he decided to go back and than decide to do, let you all will be always good, and troubles pass by”, “is anyone on the project!”, “Go back, it will be interesting for you to look at,” discuss the post Gobozova followers.

We will remind that Alexander terminated the relationship with Allianoi this spring. As claimed Gobozov, the gap was painless for both parties. However, ex-spouses, a scandal erupted over the education of his son. According to Alexander, ex-wife set up the child against him and called upon the boy’s dad an alcoholic. He Gobozov admitted to “StarHit” that he sometimes didn’t even want to go back to Eliane.

Alexander Gobozov: “Robert doesn’t want to live with mom”

“He otbrykivatsya to live with my mom. When I told him: “You go to my mother”, he starts a tantrum. If I gave Robert to her, I have to hide, to turn everything into a game. “Where is dad, let me go to him,” shouts the son. Sometimes she hides it from me,” shared Gobozov.

Aliana claims that her husband cheated on her and was rude with the family. The young woman insisted that Alexander was several times betrayed her. “First, it was in my eyes. Secondly, I have suspicions that it continued after we started a new life, left the project”, – said the ex-contestant of reality show.

Now Gobozova does not advertise personal life, trying to devote all his time to communicate with people and business development.