В Сети обсуждают помолвку Максима Фадеева и Наргиз Закировой The singer revealed to the subscribers of his microblog gift colleagues. According to the publication of Nargiz Zakirova, Maxim Fadeev has presented her the ring. Fans took the news with mixed.
В Сети обсуждают помолвку Максима Фадеева и Наргиз Закировой

A friendly relationship and warm communication Nargiz Zakirova and Maxim Fadeev often provoke a lot of conversations. Musicians many years, consider each other family. Wanting to please a loved one, a well-known producer gave the singer a gold ring, wearing it on the ring finger of the right hand. The woman was quick to share a photo of a nice moment with the followers on Instagram.

“In anticipation of mind-blowing achievements, to create the magic of the rising moon. You I held out my hand, a gentle genius. I music and tireless inspiration, my dream forever engaged”, – has signed a publishing Nargis.

Fans of the star of the show “the Voice” disliked the poem and the picture. Users of the social network was divided in opinion. Some began to congratulate the darling of the engagement, thinking that it was a public confession in the novel with Fadeev, others – on the contrary, was touched touching post. Loyal admirers of Maxim said that the man many years married and not going to divorce, and Zakirova it is associated solely creative relationship.

“Oh! I had a feeling that something will be! Happiness!”, “They’re what, engaged? That’s really unexpected…”, “All, apparently, went crazy… it is Clear that this is just a good and cute gift they’ve been friends for eternity”, “Nargiz! Finally, personal life is normal! You are made for each other”, “Here you all spread! I knew immediately that it was a provocation and humor! But the ring is really very beautiful,” wrote in the comments of fans of a celebrity.

Recall that last year, the artist decided to break up with her husband, musician Philip Balzano. According to Nargiz, almost all of her fees went to pay a man’s debts, and then he began to demand from it about 40 thousand dollars for a divorce. Then the lawyers Maxim Fadeev helped Zakirova with the process of divorce. However, Philip and after parting with his wife confessed that his feelings for the singer was not extinguished.

“We were together twenty years, and the breakup turned for me into a real tragedy. However, I love Nargis and now the door in my heart for her is always open,” said the artist.