В Сети обсуждают разлад между Бузовой и Тарасовым Fans of the famous pair of excited because I have not seen the joint images of the presenter and footballer. Some followers of the microblog celebrities are trying to figure out what exactly happened in the relations of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov.

      Fans of Olga Buzova not seriously alarmed. For almost two weeks, fans of the presenter do not see combines pictures of famous blonde with her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov. All used to that at social events a pair of generally appeared together, but now the couple spend time apart.

      Last week at the Awards party Insta 2016 Buzova there was one. How were able to trace the most attentive followers of Olga, Dmitry at that time was in a completely different place in the company of acquaintances. Rumor has it that her husband did not even congratulate your beloved with the main prize ceremony.

      Earlier, the TV presenter and footballer actively shared with subscribers of family photos and short videos. Last joint photo was taken at the concert of their friend T-killah. Olga Buzova went up on stage and confessed his love for Dmitry Tarasov

      In the comments under the posts of the spouses in the social networks of followers and then encourage them to reconcile and try to figure out what broke the perfect relationship celebrities. Members noted that the new pictures of Olga and Dmitry look sad. Tarasov recently spent the evening with my mother, probably wanting to support a loved one in this difficult time. Football player recovering after injury in early September. Dmitry had surgery on his knee. During this procedure, the wife was next to him. Olga overturned and landed him in the hospital in Italy.

      Weekend Dmitry Tarasov was seen in the company of a certain Mary. The girl posted a picture with the player and rapper T-killah from the shopping complex. Some followers began to joke that she “took the man at Buzova”.

      Fans Buzova said that in all her photographs she has a very sad look. The presenter does not respond to questions about what is happening in her family.

      “Why Tarasova ring on the left ring finger?”, “Your pain in the eyes to read, even when you smile! Buzova, find the strength to keep the family together! Something went wrong, but we need to stop trying to find the exits!”, “Olga, dear! May God grant you happiness, love, comfort and warmth to your family!”, such comments have been left followers of Olga.