В Сети обсуждают расставание Александра Паля и внучки Олега Янковского If you believe the information that appeared in the press, the young actors decided to make a pause in relations. Friends PAL and Yankovskaya believe that they can reunite. Sami Alexander and Lisa has not yet commented on the speculation of the public.
В Сети обсуждают расставание Александра Паля и внучки Олега Янковского

As it became known to journalists, the 29-year-old Alexander PAL went 23-year-old daughter of Philip Yankovsky and Oksana Fandera Lisa. According to some, the successor of the famous names are not alone out there. Society PAL girl prefers intimate conversations with an old friend Vitaly Kulakov, with whom she studied together at the Moscow international school. He works as a journalist in one of Moscow’s media. Insiders say that Lisa and Vitali often call each other and meet in cafes in the evenings.

At the same time friends Alexander and PAL Lisa Yankovskaya not rule out that they could still reunite. They told about it to correspondents.

“Probably, Lisa and Sasha were tired from each other. It happens. Each pair needs a break. Someone quite a month. Others only for a year understand that you can’t live without each other. Point in their relationship to put early” – according to sources close to the couple.

PAL and does not hide his affair. Young people often share joint photos on social networks. Fans of the couple believed that they were perfect for each other. Lisa and Alexander were together for several years. In his interview with the star of the film “kiss!” he said, still not thinking about going to the registry office, but plans in the future to create a family. According to PAL, he would become the father of many children.

Friends of a young actor I believe that he never had problems with girls. According to a school friend of Alexander, he has great charisma. Now firing a lot of cases. He then removed to new projects, it goes to festivals.

“The reporters, he likes to say he wants a family and many children. Actually, kid, this is not very prepared – not developed for 29. Well, that is still young” – quoted friend of the artist Alexei “the Express newspaper”.

As for Lisa Yankovskaya, the girl doesn’t like to attract too much attention. Daughter Oksana Fandera and Philip Yankovsky are hard to catch at the next social event. As well as her brother John. Young people are known for their secrecy. The heirs of famous names are extremely reluctant to talk about his personal life, so their fans can do is to speculate. Rumor has it that Ivan set up very seriously in relation to the beloved is the daughter of the leader of group “Alisa” Vera Panfilova. Social media users expect when lovers get married.