Discussing secret wedding pregnant Kate Hudson

В Сети обсуждают тайную свадьбу беременной Кейт Хадсон
On the finger of the actress appeared wedding ring.

В Сети обсуждают тайную свадьбу беременной Кейт Хадсон

Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa


Kate Hudson has intrigued his fans by appearing in public with
ring on the ring finger. Graceful decoration gave them a reason to think that a pregnant 39-year-old actress played a secret wedding to musician Danny Fujikawa. In any
case, thin gold ring, their on the same finger, and engagement
(given to her Danny) was definitely like a wedding. Fans of the actress actively discussing whether Kate became a married lady.

This would not be surprising, because Kate is not
hide the fact that she’s not just in love with Fujikawa, and considered him a true soul mate. Danny managed to charm not only the
the actress and her eldest sons, but the parents of his beloved Goldie hawn and stepfather Kurt
Russell, they are all excited about Fujikawa. Now, being pregnant, Kate says that is not going to stop: she wants to have with Danny had many children.

That she is expecting a child, Hudson said at the beginning
APR. “Surprise! If you wondered why I haven’t wrote anything on his
page, I will explain: I was sick! For any of my previous pregnancies
I haven’t puked yet so many…” — signed Hudson below this video. As
confessed the actress, who was then in the fourth month, she wanted
more “pull” with the unveiling of the pregnancy, but it has become a prominent stomach began to “grant”. Then Kate said that she is expecting a girl.

As told by Hudson, she is actively preparing their sons to appear on
light another member of the family. “The main thing I’m trying to teach my sons
it is to be kind to the sister, as indeed to all others…” says
actress. Recall: his eldest son Ryder Kate gave birth to ex-husband Chris Robinson, and the younger
Bingham — boyfriend, rocker Matthew Bellamy.

Kate Hudson with her sons

Photo: Instagram @katehudson