В Сети обсуждают новую возлюбленную Олега Винника Subscribers men caught the girl in his review. Oleg Vinnik – the ex-boyfriend of Katie Zsuzsa – provoked the discussion of his personal life on Instagram. Followers of businessman trying to catch him in the next novel.
В Сети обсуждают новую возлюбленную Олега Винника

Oleg Vinnik and Kate Susan ended the relationship less than six months ago. Their parting was both a great test. Then the users of the social network started the controversy: do we love again? Many thought that the feelings of the young people will be resurrected. However, recently subscribers men noticed the appearance of a new girl in his microblog. They immediately figured out her account. After studying the likes, comments and even comparing the time of publications, the followers suggested that the young man again in a relationship.

According to users of social networks, the darling Oleg is a resident of St Catherine. Fans of a businessman suspected their affair, when in profiles “Instagram” both people at the same time there were similar pictures from the movies. The footage he and she in turn appear in the background of the character Charlie Chaplin. Then subscribers men analyzed microblogging girl and saw it as a significant activity ex-boyfriend of Zsuzsa.

For example, on the eve of Catherine posted a photo, which depicted with a luxurious bouquet of flowers. “From Siberia with love”, – reads the caption to the post. Winnick almost immediately left concise review for publication. “Photographer God”, – he wrote. Also, “Instagram” convicted of a businessman in the huskies, which he puts in every shot of the citizens of St. Petersburg.

In addition, active discussion of the personal life of Oleg goes to one of the groups of the social network. Indifferent to the fate of the men carried out their own investigation. They believe that long-haired beauty with an ulterior motive is of interest to the public. Fans of the young man found out that a few do have something in common. But the main thing for them was a wide smile winnik and a happy gleam in his eyes in all the recent photos.

Recall that Kate Susan walked away from the businessman in March of this year. The couple was engaged and was preparing to get married. However, the leading “House-2” have taken a new passion. Beloved teledive was the Director of Anna Sedokova Kirill Pavlov. Then the girl admitted that unexpectedly found feelings for the man. She also noticed that Oleg nothing else in common. Susan broke off the engagement with Winnick for a new boyfriend

Fans winnik hope that the potential current relationship will make their pet happy. They are pleased that despite the terrible tragedy in his family, the man finds the strength to move on. Recall that in October 2015, the plane crash over the Sinai Peninsula killed the wife and two children of a businessman. Still, Oleg is unable to accept the loss and admits that longs for a spouse. Oleg Vinnik about the deceased in a plane crash his wife: “I love her still”