Discussing mental problems Alesya Kafelnikov

В Сети обсуждают психические проблемы Алеси Кафельниковой According to some, the model was forced to go to the doctors. It is argued that Ales Kafelnikov hard going through a breakup with rapper Pharaoh. It seemed that young people are perfect for each other.
В Сети обсуждают психические проблемы Алеси Кафельниковой

A few months ago model Ales Kafelnikov broke up with rapper glib Pigeon, better known as Pharaoh. The girl said that put a pause in relations with a young man. According to rumors, the parting with Gleb adversely affected the condition of Alesya, so now she is treated in one of psychiatric clinics of St. Petersburg. Information about this appeared in the Telegram-channels.

She Kafelnikov has yet to respond to the data received publicity in the Network. Meanwhile, fans of the model noticed she had not updated the official account in Instagram. The last time Ales did a publication in a microblog on September 14.

Earlier Kafelnikov had shared an ambiguous status on Twitter, which thought about depression and suicide. Followers of the girl was not a little alarmed at her strange publications. Many suspected that the way of Ales going through a breakup with Gleb. Recently on the Internet were discussing the photo of young people with the signature made by the model: “I dug a grave for both of us.”

В Сети обсуждают психические проблемы Алеси Кафельниковой

However, it is possible that Kafelnikov and Golubin can still reconcile. Users of social networks drew attention to the fact that in the autumn tour concerts inversion do not exist on the date October 23 – birthday Alesya. Therefore Gleb theoretically be able to meet her and to congratulate her on an important date. Fans of the pair can only guess about how these conjectures are true.

Meanwhile Holubyn once applied to the model Kate Lee, who works in the same Agency, and Ales Kafelnikov, live. Screens messages Gleb has spread around the social network last weekend. “So, write to her, she ignore me,” the rapper shared.

Some believe that the young man tried to contact Alesya through Katya. For others, Golubin does. Intrigued, “They’re even at each other not signed,” “Either they’re Dating, which is weird, or it has something to do with Lesja”, – discussed the Internet users.

While fans of Pharaoh thinking about whether or not he meets Kate Lee or trying to return to Ales Kafelnikov, the rapper continues to work and avoids talking about his personal life. In mid-September the young man has released a music video for the song “Chainsaw”, recorded together with Jeembo. At the moment video that reminded the audience of the cult film “Texas chainsaw massacre”, has garnered over 1.7 million views on YouTube.