Discussing impending wedding of Ivan Yankovsky

В Сети обсуждают скорую свадьбу Ивана Янковского Fans considered the ring on the ring finger of Faith Panfilova. Rumor has it that Ivan Yankovsky decided on a bold step and gave a sweetheart a gorgeous gift. Many believe that young people look good together.

In the summer of actor Ivan Jankowski resumed a romantic relationship with the daughter of the soloist of group “Alisa” Vera Panfilova. Young people do not get tired to confess each other in love and to show others that between them there is harmony. Many fans are waiting, when a couple get married. Some believe that such an important event will happen very soon. Not so long ago Faith posted a photo in the Elevator. The picture shows a ring that adorns the ring finger of the right hand.

Lovers regularly sharing images of the joint and make it clear to others that they are happy to spend a lot of time together. Willow and Faith meet in the last four years. However, their relationship was not always perfect. In November last year the young people decided to leave. They stopped appearing together at social events, removed photos and also removed each other from your contacts in social networks.

Friends have suggested that the lovers began to spend a little time alone, as he was absorbed by his own career. After leaving Ivan Yankovsky noticed in companies of different girls. First, he began to communicate close with the novice blogger Taisiya Rumyantseva, and then began to care for the daughter of a businessman Alexandra Novikova. He invited the girl for the award “Golden eagle”. Throughout the evening he showed tender feelings to beloved. Ivan Jankowski has an affair with an heiress to a major restaurateur

However, a few months later Ivan realised that Faith can be his perfect girl. The lovers were able to forgive each other’s resentment, misunderstanding and renew relationships. Friends and fans were relieved that the couple found the strength to start all over again.

“They fit together, both creative and accommodating, – told “StarHit” the other guys Sergey Amosov. Often gather friends, throw parties, sometimes called all at the cottage in the suburbs. Vanya very romantic – still nice caring: like “Dating” in a cafe, film screenings, invites to performances in the theater, escorted to the shooting – drove to the airport.”