Discussing a mockery of Alla Pugacheva over Polina Gagarina

В Сети обсуждают насмешку Аллы Пугачевой над Полиной Гагариной
The diva spoke about her diet.

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: @Instagram alla_orfey Alla Pugacheva

Very soon, October 21, Polina Gagarina will perform at the Kremlin in recital. Singer preparing for a performance on the main stage of the country. In addition to regular rehearsals, the actress is very much involved in her figure — Pauline, became a mother in April this year, have not yet returned to “Dobermann” shape and very beat up over it. She spends the days of hard training and strict diets. About it has told on the eve of Gagarin.

“My small but significant achievement I’ve accustomed yourself to the right diet! More than two weeks, eat super clean food servings and by the clock. For lunch today I had a lazy stuffed pike perch with vegetables. The Kremlin on the nose, so I live, sleep and eat in the car…” — said Pauline.

Alla Pugacheva is an active user of social networks, reading the “confession” Pauline, decided to mess with her. The Diva, unlike Gagarin, is not worth it in terms of a concert in the Kremlin, so she can afford any, even the most high-calorie dish.

“That’s going in the car and think, as well, that I have the Kremlin so far only in my head, and not “on the nose”, like Polinochka Gagarina. In the morning ate borscht, herring with potatoes and awesome stuffed cabbage rolls with meat. Live on!” — says Alla.

Joke Pugacheva, by the way, provoked a wave of condemnation, but not because of Gagarina. The fact that the “joke” prima donnas was published following the words of sorrow about Dmitry Maryanov. “Long mourned, in one post —condolences in connection with death of Dmitry Marjanova, and in the second already selfies and jokes…” — swear fans of Alla.