Discovery of documents is made easier with the Bureau of “Blitz-transfer”

Истребование документов стало проще с бюро «Блиц-перевод»

The high pace of modern life forces us to look for ways to spend as little time as possible in everyday Affairs. Unfortunately, this often leads not only to stress but also to low quality of the product be “accelerated” activities.

Истребование документов стало проще с бюро «Блиц-перевод»

Translation of “Blitz-transfer” is committed to ensuring that the common phrase “haste makes waste” relic of the past. Our goal — quality translations in the shortest possible time. If you value your time and are used to achieve maximum efficiency in everything we do, we will find a common language.
2017 “Blitz-transfer” offers new service — obtainment of documents from the tax authorities. Since the legal area is relevant for the Bureau, we strive to expand in this direction and to include in your Arsenal of new services related to the law. The possibility of discovery of documents through a “Blitz-transfer” saves time and resources: our experts will take drawing request and receive any documents from the competent bodies of Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and CIS countries.

The profile of our work very broad. We deal with all that somehow helps to establish contact between speakers of different languages. In “Blitz-translation” you can enjoy both oral and written translation, even the most niche topics — from medicine to technology — which will be performed by qualified specialists with experience of work with texts in the industry. Bureau staff keen to find an individual approach in each case transfer.

Истребование документов стало проще с бюро «Блиц-перевод»

Our specialty — legalization of documents. We do all existing types of legalization and we can help you to apostille any document for a full and partial consular legalization and certification through the chamber of Commerce. “Blitz-translation” works with all agencies engaged in the apostille and legalization of documents. With its rich practical experience in this field we know all of its features, and hence the probability of error or failure in the legalization is minimized.

If you close the corporate “Blitz-transfer” for maximum speed and efficiency, you surely appreciate our new campaign. Ordering a translation via the special form on our website on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), you can get a ten percent discount.
Service discovery of documents also saves you time and effort. Our specialists will ask for and receive for you education documents, documents of the registry office and other types of documents to the competent authorities of Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and countries of the far abroad.

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