Disclosed the true reasons for evolene Buzova from the First channel

Раскрыты истинные причины уволения Бузовой с Первого канала
Olga is not the kind of character who need to the viewers.

Olga Buzova

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on secret rites of initiation into the family of the First channel Ivan Urgant and
Dmitry Khrustalev held for Olga Buzova in the show “Evening Urgant”,
the miracle did not happen. Star never became the host of the First button. About it
reports lenta.ru. The channel has officially refused to continue to show the program “Babi
rebellion”, which led she and four other leading: Yulia Baranovskaya, Tatiana Vasilyeva, Sofiko Shevardnadze and Elena Abitaeva. “The pilot didn’t sign up for big
the number of programs. Buzova brings HYIP
but it is not our character and not the hype,
we need. At the root of audience Buzova rather causes
irritation”, — said the interlocutor of the Internet edition.

Rumors of the closing began to appear from the moment when the show suddenly
disappeared from the grid. Initially the project was inspired by
popular Buzova and decided that thanks to her the program will be at the top
ratings. But this did not happen. Moreover, on the Internet on specialized sites have become
to receive petitions against the “Indian rebellion”. The audience called the show “obscene and
immoral” and “unworthy of the First channel”.

riot” started out on the First channel at the end of November. According to
the concept, the presenters gathered at the table to discuss
what is happening in Russia and in the world.