Disassembly of Victoria Dayneko husband and I were on camera

Разборки Виктории Дайнеко с мужем попали на камеру
The singer divorced to protect my daughter from domestic violence.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: @victoriadaineko (Instagram Victoria Dayneko)

Recognition of Dmitry Kleiman is Victoria Daineko, his ex-wife, was a “domestic tyrant” continues vigorously debated in the press. Drummer accused the actress of domestic violence and that she after a breakup does not allow him to meet two year old daughter. The singer later commented on the interview with the former husband. The actress confirmed that her house before the divorce was really erupting. That’s just according to the story, Victoria, the victim was her.

Dayneko ready to provide proof of his words: she has a medical report about the injuries. Dayneko was forced to hide the bruises from others, as I didn’t want to “wash dirty linen in public”. In addition to this, Victoria said she has a video confirming her words. And she has witnesses. However, the singer in his comments stressed that the public does not want a showdown with her husband. Moreover, after all that has happened it does not restrict the communication of Dmitry with my daughter.

“I can say that she was protecting herself and her daughter from domestic and psychological violence as they could. I haven’t demonstrated all over the country the doctors about the injury of the spine or pictures of bruises. I just bravely took myself in hand and stopped to fight. I just put point in our relationship, and since then I began our child a happy life. And millionth time, that does not prohibit anyone to see her, just one strong desire is not manifesting, but I block the incessant insults in my address. I was separated from her husband not to shake mud all over the country, and only in order to finally find happiness. God is the judge, I have nothing to be ashamed of. I have a lot of witnesses and security cameras, but this material is not for gossip. I’m thankful that I have a daughter, and with everything else we will do,” Victoria told Hello.

Dmitry Kleiman — a very different version of the events of the conflict. He argues that Dayneko still forbids him to see his child. In an interview with “the Collection a Caravan of Stories” Dmitry Kleiman tells about the difficult life with Victoria Daineko. Full version of the interview with the musician here.