Разочарованы: на герцогиню Кэмбриджскую обрушилась волна критики
The appearance of the wife of Prince William on a British “Oscar” sparked heated debate.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Photo: PA ImagesTASS

Yesterday’s outfit Duchess Catherine, in which
she came to the ceremony BAFTA,
which is called “British Oscar” has drawn with so much taking that on
it said almost more than those who were awarded prizes. Before the start of the ceremony broke out
a desperate argument about how to dress the Duchess for his appearance at BAFTA.

Many believed this seems to be not too important
a matter of principle. Because of the tradition this year, starting with the “Golden
Globe”, actress, in solidarity with the victims of Weinstein and others like him, okay
dress for an important ceremony exclusively in black.

It was known beforehand that Katherine needs
to appear that evening at London’s Royal albert Hall, where the event took place,
after all, she is the wife of Prince William, who is the honorary President of BAFTA.

It was expected that the Duchess, who is now pregnant with her third child, will support the campaign
against sexual harassment, that is also comes in black. At the same time
under the Protocol, members of the Royal family have no right to support
political and public campaigns, they are required to maintain neutrality.

Therefore, before Catherine had a difficult task —
how to get out of this contradictory situation. Eventually she found a compromise
solution. The Duchess came to the ceremony in a dark green dress to the floor from his
favorite designer Jenny Packham, with a black ribbon just above the waist and a black purse.

Katherine looked in this outfit, complemented
impressive emerald necklace and earrings, just awesome. However, many
felt that she had betrayed, so the women’s movement. Social Network
literally boil from the critical remarks of the Duchess. Recent fans
Catherine’s claim that it was disappointed. She is accused of ignoring
the most important problem and write that I wish she never showed up at the BAFTA…

the distribution of prizes it was not a surprise. Winners of the ceremony again
as at previous ceremonies of the “awards Season” for this year are romantic
fantasy “Form of water” and drama “the Three
Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri.” “Billboards” was awarded five prizes
including a nomination for “Best film”, “Outstanding British film” and “Best
actress” (she was the McDormand). And “Form of water” — won three awards,
the most important of which was the victory in the nomination “Best Director” received Guillermo
Del Toro. And the best actor was named the performer of the role of Winston Churchill in
the movie “the Dark times” — Gary Oldman.