Disappeared the sister of Victoria Boni

Бесследно пропала сестра Виктории Бони
38-year-old angelina went to the movies and never returned home.

Victoria Bonya with her sister angelina

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Victoria Boni, who lives in Moscow, has vanished without a trace: as it became known, 38-year-old angelina for almost two weeks does not communicate. In the last
once she talked on the phone with my mother, 60-year-old Galina, April 23. Told her I went to the movies, but home and never returned. Mom went to the police a few days later. In her statement, — please
to find the missing older daughter, who never came in touch with family. Also pointed out that the last time he talked with angelina on WhatsApp shortly before the start of the show. And in the evening. when tried to contact her daughter, the phone angelina was out of reach.

As already mentioned the media, angelina has long sought something for everyone. Opened a Barber shop, was in real estate… One time was very interested in show business. She first appearance on screen was interested in “the House-2”. Even is said to have sent a request. However, reply was received only in a year. At that time angelina was pregnant, so I suggested the agent to take the project in Victoria. So, we can say, has contributed to the promotion of a younger sister. Giving birth to a baby girl, angelina named her after Victoria. The daughter of a younger sister, as you know, the name is Angelina.

Famous sister angelina told that she has lost a sister, in his blog. It is known that information published in social networks, it often helps to find information. However, something went wrong, Victoria has received some negative feedback and deleted his post.

Law enforcement agencies check sudden the version that angelina could go to work in Anapa. However, confirmation of this yet. And it was strange to believe that angelina decided to start life with a clean slate, without giving mother, sister and daughter. If this version. allowing still to hope that the woman is alive, not confirmed, the police will open a criminal case.

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