Disappeared Julia Savicheva returned to Moscow after childbirth

Исчезнувшая Юлия Савичева вернулась в Москву после родов Probably the former participant of “Factory of stars”, which recently became a mother for the first time, plans to return to work. Yulia Savicheva and Alexander Arshinova husband was spotted together in the capital. Fans of the performer found that it looks great.
Исчезнувшая Юлия Савичева вернулась в Москву после родов

Singer Julia Savicheva, who recently became a mother for the first time, flew from Portugal, where she remained for a long time. The singer decided to return to Moscow. The company of ex-” “star factory “participant” has made her husband, composer Alexander Arshinov. Apparently, the artist intends to resume his career after the break.

When Savicheva was abroad, her producer Maxim Fadeev has shared with journalists plans of the trust. Figure of show-business reassured fans of Julia and said that she intends to present new songs. In Portugal Savicheva was not sitting idle: she worked hard, recording tracks and showing your records Fadeev.

Producer Julia preferred not to comment on the pregnancy of Yulia, believing that all the time. Fadeev also noted that we will share a joyous event with the public, if the singer will become a mother. Later, the worker of show business kept his word: August 22, he got in touch with the members and announced important news from the life Savicheva.

Исчезнувшая Юлия Савичева вернулась в Москву после родов“Hello! It’s time to open up. I want to tell all the news. We have very good news. Julia Savicheva daughter was born. Many talked about it, especially journalists, we have Julia “gave birth” every month” – said the worker of show business.

Ex-participant of “factory of stars” has decided to call the baby name Anna. After some time, Julia has confirmed that gave birth to a girl. The actress decided to publish a touching message to his daughter in which she shared her emotions from the long awaited event. The singer and her husband Alexander Arshinov very happy to become parents. Savicheva expressed the hope that in the future, Anna will read her message.

“You’re very small, and likely don’t understand our joy and pride, but the day will come, and you will read this message. You may be surprised how many people were waiting, how many of our friends congratulated you. How long have we been going to this. How much strength and nerves had been spent in order to tell you today “good morning”. We wish you health and joy. Be happy and loved,” Julia turned to the little girl.

Fans of the singer supported her encouraging comments and wished Anna to grow up healthy and happy, to the delight of their parents. According to many, Julia will be a wonderful mother.

Fans Savicheva decided that she quickly began to get rid of extra pounds gained during pregnancy. On the first photos of the actress after the birth, which was available SUPER, it looks great. From Julia seems refreshed and rested.