Director Valery Belyakovich has died in hospital

Режиссер Валерий Белякович умер в больнице Relatives and friends of people’s artist of Russia can’t believe his death. George Beliakovich know as one of the most significant figures in the field of theatre arts. He founded the famous cultural institution in the South-West of the city. For many art lovers, the departure of Baljkovica was the end of an era.

      Режиссер Валерий Белякович умер в больнице

      Today, the Network appeared information about the fact that the people’s artist of Russia Valery belyakovich died on 67-m to year of life. On the death of the founder of the Metropolitan Theatre in the South West reported on the website of well-known cultural institutions. According to journalists, shortly before his death Belyakovich was urgently hospitalized due to severe pain. However, medical professionals were unable to save a celebrity. Valery Romanovich died in the hospital. It happened Tuesday morning.

      “The theatre suffered an irreparable loss. This morning died the founder of the theatre, people’s artist of Russia Valery belyakovich. Mourn… Refuse to believe…” – this message appeared on the website of cultural institutions at the forefront of which stood the Director.

      Information about the farewell and funeral of the man of culture will be announced later.

      Social media users expressed condolences to relatives of the Director and began to remember his work. So, Anton Dolin attended cultural institution, founded by Vladimir Romanovich, even when I was in high school. According to the memoirs of film critic, he was in love with every performance of the master. Despite the fact that over time the Valleys ceased to be a devoted audience of Theatre in the South-West, he was grateful to Belyakovich much.

      “Crucial to my formation impossible. First date outside of school with my wife, and then a classmate, I also happened up on the Marriage. There was a sense of wonder in the cellar. Even on the bad plays. Exceedingly funny Comedy, the heartbreaking “Moliere” and “Dragon,” the great Chekhov, Shukshin… rest in peace”, – said Anton Dolin on his page in Facebook.

      PR-Manager Marina Fedorovskaya noted that the nursing Director is like the end of a whole period in the history of modern art. “Meanwhile, it turns out, died today Valery belyakovich. Man-the era. The Creator of Theatre in the South-West. If you do not know who it is and what it is, do not even try to downplay the significance… was greatly influenced by his work in the whole theatre environment in the 80-90 and beyond. Terribly sorry. The bright memory. In fact, even difficult to believe that,” shared a woman in social networks.

      In turn, the rector of the University Grigory Zaslavsky called Belyakovich a legend of Soviet art. Many of the familiar men were also deeply saddened by the death of a celebrity. They recalled his recent meeting with the Director and admitted that I can’t believe in his death. “Well, how come, nightmare, we will remember”, “it Seemed recently spoke with him about the situation in the theatres, about officials, about old performances…”, “Valera was a powerful figure,” wrote social media users.