Директор Вадима Казаченко угрожает его беременной жене Irina Amanti wants to pick up the child, the wife of the singer. Many users of social networks were supportive of her decision, looking at the program “Let speak” on the air which was attended by Olga Kazachenko. The woman claims that waiting for October baby and he kicked her out of the house.

      Директор Вадима Казаченко угрожает его беременной жене

      The output of the program “Let speak” with participation of the pregnant wife of singer Vadim Kozachenko, Olga has caused a loud resonance in social networks. The woman claims that he forced her to have an abortion, and then kicked out of the house. The artist lived with her married two years, but only recently has she managed to get pregnant. Now she will seek assistance from the child’s father, using the services of lawyers. It has agreed to work with Kate Gordon.

      However, Irina Amanti, representative and beloved woman Kazachenko, wants to take the unborn baby artist. The woman reacted negatively to the output of the program with participation of Olga. In a commentary in the social network of Irina noted that may deprive the expectant mother’s parental rights. “But if he is at fault and it’s his child, I still can pick up the boozehound… Wait for the finale…” – promised Amanti.

      Директор Вадима Казаченко угрожает его беременной жене

      By the way, also in social networks continue to appear shocking details about the wife of Vadim. Many believe that she ruined a perfect relationship Kozachenko and Amanti.

      “Useless, uninteresting Martynov forgot to tell you the truth about yourself. Apparently, sharply developed amnesia! As she chased Vadim for several years, having the desire to go to the artist in his pants (work didn’t interest her), she was alcoholic, kodirovaniya times, like a drunk falling into the orchestra pit, leaving the concert, didn’t remember how he walked, forgot to show us photos and more! Not told about the forum and fans that she would rot, destroying what’s-her-all have been hated for what she broke up the family. Lost its memory, that 10 years Vadim has lived with Irina Amanti soul to soul, as she helped him to his feet after a serious illness, in sorrow and in joy they were devoted to each other”, – said a friend of Kazachenko in the social network.

      According to the representative Vadim, after the actor learned that Olga took part in the television show, the release of which was approved for broadcast, it struck a myocardial infarction. At the moment the artist better. Kazachenko wrote in microblogging: “Thank relatives, friends and loved ones for support and empathy these days! Unfamiliar considered thank fans for their kind words! The rest I will comment later”.