Директор Софии Ротару раскрыл ее доходы Sergei Lavrov explained why the star is in no hurry to give solo concerts. According to him, Sofia Rotaru does not suffer from a lack of performances. In addition to the corporate events and private parties she is paid large sums of money.

Sofia Rotaru does not hurry to perform with a solo program, although the fans look forward to these concerts. Director of artist Sergei Lavrov says that now she takes part in corporate events and also sings at private parties.

“In may she planned several concerts in Germany. May 19 Sophia Mikhailovna will perform within the “Fair Zemlyakov”. Recitals in Russia really is not planned. Although Sofia Mikhailovna is in top form – and concert, and physical. Everyone who sees her without makeup, I can’t believe her for so many years. Even the son of Ruslan she periodically says, “Mom, when was the last time looked into the passport?” – said Lavrov.

Fans also admire views of blooming artist. Rotaru tries not to overwork himself, therefore, no longer yielding 20 corporate parties per month.

“But five or six, sometimes ten private performances a month. Plus Sofia Mikhailovna participates in various festivals. Two or three songs, the organizers are willing to pay adequately. A minimum of 25-30 thousand euros for two or three songs”, – said the representative of the stars.

Sergei Lavrov said that some Russian performers have become worse to sell concert tickets. So, according to the Director Rotaru, only the concert of Irina Allegrova this spring was able to collect thousands of viewers, but the performances of Lolita are less popular.

However, Lavrov tries not to judge other stars of the domestic variety. He enjoys the success of Ani Lorak, Philip Kirkovo and Nargis. As said Sergei in an interview with “Interlocutor”, now people have become less just to buy tickets because of their cost. “I’m afraid to talk about who sold well. Our stars, as I hear that they are praised in the press, then raise the fees. And to do this we can’t go now. I always cite the example of Madonna. It is very popular. But if to announce her concert in Tambov or Ryazan, each ticket will cost 9 thousand dollars. Of course, this money at her no one will. And our need to monitor the prices. By the way, of the top stars in – the singer things go wrong. Like him and show luxurious, and tickets were cheap. But meganslaw he never collected” – shared Lavrov.