Director John Carney has apologised to keira Knightley about her incompetent

Режиссер Джон Карни извинился перед Кирой Найтли за слова о ее профнепригодности

The worst experience in my life Director John Carney called the work with keira Knightley. Filmmaker, which was filmed the actress in the film “for once in my life”, confessed that she caused him a lot of problems.

According to Carney, in the process of working on the film he realized he made the wrong choice. Kira did not match the role she had to play because she felt like a superstar: “I realized that I would never make movies with supermodels. Kira tries to hide who she really is. It seems to me, actors shouldn’t do that. I like to work with curious and worthy actors, not superstars. I don’t want to hurt Kira, but the actor to be very difficult. It requires some degree of honesty and introspection, and it seems to me, are not ready. And I don’t think she was ready for this film”.

Later for Knightley stood up Directorswho work with her brought a fun one.

Apparently under public pressure, yesterday, Carney decided to bring Kira an apology and said that his goal was not to offend anyone.

A message of regret John left on Twitter. When it signed its very funny: “From the Director who feels a complete idiot”.

“Recently in a telephone interview, the conversation turned to my recent film “once in your life”, which starred keira Knightley. I told Kira about some petty, low, and hurtful things. I am ashamed of my words, but I’ll try to explain what it meant. In trying to find holes in my own work, I ended up being humiliated by another human being. This is a bad way and terrible behavior, which I’m not proud of. It is arrogant and disrespectful. Kira was a true professional and gave it your all on set. And the success of this painting owes much to her. I already sent Kira apologize in person, but now I want to speak publicly and to apologize to her fans, friends and all who have touched my words. My deed has no justification, and I will never do that again”, — stated in the message.

Subscribers Carney, after this action, the Director, was divided into two camps: one seemed right that the man admitted his mistake and apologized, others did not approve of what John had “caved in”, feared the consequences and took back his words.

Who camp do you belong?


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