Director Egor Konchalovsky arrived at the party with young lover

Режиссер Егор Кончаловский появился на вечеринке с молодой возлюбленной

The famous Director, who directed the films “Antikiller” with Dmitry nagievym and “Escape” Egor Konchalovsky attended a party in honor of the birthday of his girlfriend Anneta with his young wife and son Timur. Konchalovsky with his beloved Maria Leonova to congratulate a good friend and activist culture. The celebration was held in one of the Golf clubs of the capital.

Режиссер Егор Кончаловский появился на вечеринке с молодой возлюбленной

This spring, in late April, a girl Director Maria Leonova gave him a son. The boy was named Temur. In late summer they baptized a son. Konchalovsky has decided to hide his beloved from the public, not allowing the capture desired footage. Until recently, he succeeded, and the night before he decided to show Mary.

The man decided to show fans celebration and took a short video for your profile in the network instagram. In the video directed the guests and in the shot of Leonov. It is at this point nice care of little Timur. “And here we are today, we with Timur came to the birthday dinner for my friend Annetta. Where Is Timur? But he,” the Director showed his beloved and their son.

Режиссер Егор Кончаловский появился на вечеринке с молодой возлюбленной

Fans who saw the video immediately began to write nice comments. They wished all the best to his family and the baby. “Good evening, Egor”, “Kid like you”, “well Done Timur”, “Finally you are back”, “How lucky Annetta”, “Let the child grow happy and sturdy to the delight of your family,” “Pretty baby,” commented members of the Director.

Before you begin your love relationship with Maria Leonova, Konchalovsky 20 years he lived with the actress Love Tolkalina. About their breakup, she said in Facebook. And very secret, and most importantly — only finally parting with my husband, I learned how to be friends with him,” said Tolkalina. The former spouses have a daughter Joanna, and together they are raising. Konchalovsky and Tolkalina remained friends and don’t forget to call regularly.

The successor of the former sweethearts became the godmother of Timur. About the baptism of the baby Director also said in his instagram profile, telling fans that during the ceremony, four-month-old baby was given the name George. So now our “Timur true Christian,” – said Konchalovsky.

About beloved celebrity, almost nothing is known. He carefully protects her from the eyes paparazzii. Still, the Director had to tell a little about your favorite in the broadcast of “Secret on a million” on NTV channel. “She’s not an actress, and a lawyer. About me – young. Named Mary, as a daughter. We met in court. She protected me, and that I liked,” – said Yegor A. being in the Studio program.