Режиссер Дэнни Бойл приступил к съёмкам сиквела «На игле»

Refuted the news about the start of filming “Balgus-2” causes us some fear to write about a new project directed by Danny Boyle, which had not yet been confirmed.

However, a number of foreign media reported that the Creator of the crime drama “Trainspotting” has started filming the sequel. Location – Edinburgh (UK).

At the moment the project has no name. It is known that on large screens the film will be presented in 2017. Writing the script took John Hodge. He was the author of the first. Danny Boyle was very pleased with the material, they said it was awesome. Hodge also worked with Boyle on the project “Shallow grave”, “the Beach”, “Less ordinary life” and “TRANS”.

Who will play the main role in the sequel to “Trainspotting” is not specified. Note that a star of the first film was Ewan McGregor.

Recall that the plot of the film “Trainspotting” was based on the eponymous book by Scottish writer Irvine Welsh. The film tells the story of four friends who share the addiction, driving each of them to extreme traits.


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