Директор Анастасии Волочкой прояснил скандал с цветами в самолете In the Network there were rumors about the dissatisfaction of passengers of the aircraft. Presumably, Anastasia took the wrong shelves for hand Luggage for its roses. However, her representative said that other people present in the salon, experienced no inconvenience.
Директор Анастасии Волочкой прояснил скандал с цветами в самолете

Anastasia Volochkova loves when she presented gifts to fans. In particular, the ballerina crazy bouquets of white roses. In the microblog actress shares photographs, which posing with armfuls of flowers. Volochkova is often on tour, but even with concerts held in other cities of Russia, still brings the bouquets that decorate your great home.

So, from a trip to Krasnodar Anastasia was carrying so many roses that put them on the plane helped her assistants. The total weight was about 50 pounds. The capital of the Kuban Volochkova took part in a charity concert “The Art of Dance” organized by the Charity Fund “the birthplace of our house”. The main guests of the celebration were boarding schools, disabled children, children from low-income families.

“The biggest bouquet of white roses from the Governor Veniamin Ivanovich, it is very special to me. I have great respect for all the good deeds and accomplishments of this man for the benefit of the Krasnodar region and its people. All gave me flowers – bow! I love you! This is the most pleasant burden!” – shared Anastasia on Instagram.
Директор Анастасии Волочкой прояснил скандал с цветами в самолете

The airline, which flew Volochkova, went to meet her, and allowed to hold other Luggage racks in the cabin. But later began to spread rumors that the passengers were outraged by the behavior of ballerina on Board. It was rumored that flight attendants have made an exception for Volochkova, therefore, moved the bags and belongings of others.

Director Volochkova has clarified the situation. “No scandal in the plane! All passengers entered at the position of Anastasia and told her a few of the bins. Moreover, the place really was. Flowers we didn’t weigh, but there were so many! And Anastasia was very glad I was able to bring to Moscow”, – said the Director of a ballet dancer Sergei Gerasimenko in comments “Komsomolskoe truth”.

Recall that some time ago, Anastasia Volochkova received a more valuable gift. She has a new fan, granted a ring with diamonds and Paraiba tourmaline for 57 million rubles! Ballerina gladly accepted the gift, but have not decided whether to continue communication with this man.