Director Alexander Rastorguev was brutally murdered

Режиссер Александр Расторгуев был жестоко убит The media reported on the brutal murder of three Russians in the Central African Republic. Later it turned out that the victims of the attacks were directed by Alexander Rastorguev, the operator Kirill Radchenko and war correspondent Orhan Dzhemal.
Режиссер Александр Расторгуев был жестоко убит

The sad news was received from the Central African Republic. 33 kilometers to the North of Sibutu on July 31, were found the bodies of three brutally murdered Russians in an abandoned car. The case immediately caused a public outcry, but the foreign Ministry does not hurry to disclose the identity of the victims.

Later it turned out that among the casualties was the war correspondent Orhan Dzhemal, directed by Alexander Rastorguev and operator Kirill Radchenko. Some media reported that the victims were the press card of the famous publication, which immediately denied this information. It is known that the car in which were men fired. They died on the spot, and only the driver managed to survive.

Information about the death of Orkhan Jemal soon confirmed his friends and ex-wife.

“I know that Orhan left in the Central African Republic to do a piece about private military companies. Yesterday my friend spoke to him on the phone,” — said the journalist Mikhail Shevchenko.

However long it was unclear what purpose the CARS arrived, the match Director and his cameraman Radchenko.

We will remind that 47-year-old Director managed to take about ten pictures, each of which received pretty high honors. However, the most famous and controversial of them was the documentary “the Term” on the Russian opposition. For his work Rastorguev has repeatedly won awards at major film festivals.

Soon the relationship with the journalists came the chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov. He confirmed that all three worked on a film about private military companies operating in the country. For the manufacture of the tape said the investigation centre of Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

The representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova when communicating with reporters, said that at the scene flew the Russian diplomats, who have to understand the business and establish the identity of the victims.

According to “REN-TV”, most likely members of the crew robbed the locals, his eyes on the expensive equipment available to them. However this version has not yet been confirmed.