Directed by the Wachowski Lilly was first published in dress

Режиссер Лилли Вачовски впервые вышла в свет в платье

Lilli Wachowski, which not so long ago called Andy, was first published after the sex change. Director appeared at awards GLAAD Media Awards in a luxurious black dress with a deep neckline.

In Los Angeles hosted the ceremony of awarding the prize GLAAD Media Awards 2016. The event is dedicated to the people, influencing the development of the culture of sexual minorities. This year’s winner was Lilly Wachowski, committed transgenders transition and turned their men into a woman. At the ceremony Lilly shone in a black tight-fitting the bathroom with a cutout on the chest.

Minimalistic evening attire Wachowski complemented with stiletto sandals and a few laconic jewelry. It is worth noting, directed by the Wachowski first appeared in the light in a woman’s dress, as just a few months ago was a man. Andy Wachowski said that made the decision to have a sex change in March 2016. The first release took place a month after this news.

Meanwhile, Lilli Wachowski is not the first star who has decided on such a radical change of image. In 2012, Larry Wachowski, elder brother, said that changed sex, becoming Lana. In 2015, Bruce Jenner, stepfather of Kim Kardashian, made a transgender transition, turning into Caitlin.

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