Дизайн столовой Ирины Агибаловой подвергли критике Users believe that the star of “House-2” has no taste. Upset at the attacks, Irina Agibalova deleted pictures from microblogging, but then again they were published. His passion for the turquoise color celebrity explained the love for the sea.

      The former participant “Houses-2” Irina Agibalova for several months engaged in arrangement of a country house. The star gradually renovating different rooms of the family nest, and then puts the pictures of the updated rooms in the microblog.

      Members Irina Agibalova often too picky, and often instead of rave reviews about the new interiors of the famous thelebanese forced to withstand a barrage of criticism. Before she even removed microblog of the dining room is decorated in turquoise colours – so much Irina was hurt by comments of those who design space was not to taste.

      However, on Saturday morning Agibalova decided that more will not go on about those who criticize her and again showed a photo of the dining room, explaining his passion in a turquoise color with love for the open sea.

      “I love the turquoise color and blue too. It is part of the sea and some peace and quiet. So for almost 10 years, I stick to this scale in the morning and not get tired of it at all. But terracotta in the hall and in the guest tired already three years later, bright blue and red too sickeningly straight. So now we try to do only the calm tones in the interior or such pleasant accents, time-tested,” wrote under the Irina Agibalova.

      However, subscribers did not stop the fact that this is the second attempt by Irina Agibalova show your home, and then share with everyone something secret, and they once again began to speak unflattering about the taste of the former participant “Houses-2”.

      “For me, the kitchen should be combined. And here all alone”, “Well in the village. Is the sofa at the dining table comfortably? The chin-plate”, “Curtains spoil the whole appearance”, “looks Cheap” – expressed their opinion-wishers, in spite of the request of Irina to refrain from criticism. However, some give very constructive advice on dining room design Agibalova and even offer their services for the correction of interior solutions.

      By the way, the former participant “Houses-2” quite often under attack on the Internet. Not so long ago, for example, Irina Agibalova was shocked at the negative public reaction to the video, which she recorded in Cyprus together with her daughter Margaret. Irina Agibalova in despair from criticism

      In the video, the mother and daughter talk about how to prepare a Mediterranean Breakfast. The basis of food lies everyone knows the omelet, but women reveal the secrets that give it a special taste. Reaction to the video was such that Agibalova unable to keep silent and emotionally expressed.

      “Why so many insults appeared again in the direction of me, of my age, such age will not hide or hands and neck age issue! Why do you think that if the person is public, it is possible to insult or to throw tons of dirt, slander, accuse him of lying or photoshop or much else!”

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