Dina revealed the secret to a perfect figure

Дина Гарипова раскрыла секрет идеальной фигуры
The winner of the show “the Voice” gave useful advice.

Dina Garipova

Photo: Social networks

Given the variety of diets and techniques to lose the hated extra pounds no longer seems something impossible. The hardest part is not to lose weight but to keep the result. In domestic show business there are plenty of examples of stars that after a period of “harmony” back to previous weight. But Dina copes with this task on “the five plus”. Recently she shared her beauty secret.

A couple of years ago Garipova lost eight pounds. To achieve this she was helped by the waiver of fried foods and reduced portions of food. “To a healthy, balanced diet I came with my husband. Together we read a lot about various diets and chose a rather comfortable way. We refused any fried food, and everything else eaten in small amounts. Thus, I had not struck from the diet any product, just all consume slowly!” told then Garipova.

Dean now looks slim and toned. The question is how. The singer admits that to keep the perfect form is possible only at the expense of everyday work. “Only a healthy lifestyle and a lot of work!” — said the singer. Fans admire and the appearance model of Dina and her vocal abilities, leaving her in the rave reviews.