Дина Гарипова принимает поздравления с беременностью

The winner of “the Voice” will soon become a mother is sure her fans.

Dina Garipova traditionally takes part in the concert in honor of the Day of family, love and fidelity in Murom. This year she was in a scarlet dress from the Kazan designer Katya Borisova and sings a song of his own composition, “You for me”. The festival will show the First channel on 8 July.

Dress and was the occasion for the delight of the fans in the photo with the recording of the concert they could see the rounded tummy and immediately began to congratulate the singer! Besides Dina Garipova ceased to show perfect figure and began again to appear in public in clothes that hide the waist.

In the beginning of the year, the singer changed the designer before the majority of her outfits sewed Xenia Rykalin, wife of brother Bulat. New outfits for performances and photo shoots began to sew Katya Borisova. Every new outfit of the singer trying to hide her tummy.

– Dina Garipova came to me that I became a consultant to its image because I think extraordinary photoshoot in which the girl was supposed to look special. I know she has friends that are Russian designers, so it is especially nice that she said to me, ” says the designer.

To hide their shape to the singer there is no need, because throughout the year, together with her husband Dina Garipova went in for sports and adhere to a strict diet:

– We don’t go to the nutritionists. We do not have any special goals. Only a healthy lifestyle, sport, nutrition and a state of harmony and joy, told our reporter the singer.

In native Zelenodolsk Dina no longer recognize friends and neighbors:

– Has she changed much over the past six months, I didn’t recognize her when at the end of June, she came to her parents. When spotted – eye was incredibly happy, ” said a neighbor of the singer.

We will remind, a year ago, Dina made a nikah (Muslim wedding ceremony) and got married. The wedding was held in a small family circle. The painting in the registry office the couple came in casual clothes, so as not to attract the attention of strangers. After went to celebrate at a site outside the city, decorated in a romantic style. The name of his wife Dina did not disclose, although he accompanies her on tour.

This year in the life of Dina Garipova filled with happy and sad events. In February from cancer died, the brother of the singer, her former concert Director, and in March, Dean made his debut as a composer – she showed her first song on poetry of Tukai “Kunel” (“Soul”).

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