Dina Garipova celebrated a wedding anniversary with her husband

Дина Гарипова отметила годовщину свадьбы с мужем Wife went to Montenegro, where we spent a fabulous vacation. During the journey the lovers got a lot to look at and gain strength. Though not without its adventures – Dina Garipova and her husband accidentally broke the flash drive that was colorful shots from this trip.

      Дина Гарипова отметила годовщину свадьбы с мужем

      The winner of the first season of the show “the Voice” and participant of “Eurovision-2013” Dina Garipova recently returned from a holiday spent in Montenegro with her husband. During the journey, the lovers decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary, and this trip, the confessions of the singer, came out really special.

      “Our vacation lasted only a week, but what! – says the singer “StarHit”. – Long thought where to go. Chose between Montenegro, Croatia or Bulgaria, where we have never been before. I chose a modest hotel near the city Budva is the main tourist town on the coast, in the village called bečići”.

      Дина Гарипова отметила годовщину свадьбы с мужем

      Passive rest on the beach young couple prefers active. And this trip has been truly extreme for both.

      “Lying on the beach I don’t really like, like my husband, – admitted the actress. – On one of the days we went rafting. It was a first for me. I wanted to be on the alloy, but here’s a good excuse! The next day we spent fishing on the boat. Went to sea and for some time, caught quite a lot of small sardines”.

      Дина Гарипова отметила годовщину свадьбы с мужем

      The couple had time to wander around the local neighborhoods. In one of the stalls bought a painting from a local artist with the views of Montenegro – pair it expects to place in your home as a memory of an unforgettable journey.

      The confessions of a star trip, she allowed herself to turn off all the gadgets and enjoy the time spent with loved ones. Dina hoped to gain new experience, to relax from the daily bustle and to forget about the worries. “In Montenegro, a lot of tourists from Russia, and someone recognized me, approached, asked for autographs, took pictures and spoke very warm words, – says Dean. One tourist even left me a letter on a napkin, that’s so sweet”.

      Дина Гарипова отметила годовщину свадьбы с мужем

      Not done in this journey, and without adventure. Dina Garipova and her partner were at risk of losing memorable photos from this unforgettable trip. However, they just found a way out.

      “We became victims of confusion, which really upset us – we accidentally broke the memory card, where were all the photos and videos from our fishing,” continues the celebrity. – To keep for at least a couple of pictures from that trip, quickly swept again at familiar places. So the journey was very rich and vivid. We saw many beautiful places, got a new sensation on excursions, met with local traditions, cuisine. Swim in the clear sea. The holiday was a success!”
      Дина Гарипова отметила годовщину свадьбы с мужем

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