Дина Гарипова прокомментировала слухи о расставании с мужем
The winner of “the Voice” shared a tender photo with a friend.

Dina Garipova, Evgeny Kungurov and

Photo: Social networks

Dina Garipova placed in a personal microblogging photo, which ignited rumors about her breakup with her husband. For the last photo, the winner of “the Voice” posed next to Jevgenijs Kungurova. The arms of the pair brought the fans to the idea that Dina divorced spouse. To curb the spread of these rumors, Garipova had to issue an official denial.

Dean said that he had not parted with her beloved. Besides, a friendly hug the Kungurova is not a reason to be jealous. Her husband is familiar with the singer, and she, in turn, communicates with his wife kungurova. “The husband is jealous? Not at all! He knows Eugene. I am married, and Zhenya is a wonderful husband. We are family friends!” said Dean.

By the way, after a scandalous divorce in 2015 Kungurov not gives interviews about his personal life. So the press is not aware of who now occupied the heart of the artist. It is worth noting that the actor wasn’t wearing a ring, so Garipova was most likely talking about the civil wife. Eugene hides the unnecessary details of their relationship, as, indeed, Dean. She still did not disclose the man’s name, whom she married in 2015.