Dima told about his illness

Дима Билан рассказал о своей болезни
The singer picked up a dangerous virus.

Dima Bilan

Photo: Instagram

Dima Bilan picked up an insidious virus that is accompanied by
temperature and cough. This artist heroically carries the disease ”
feet.” He reported the disease on his page in the social network. “Sick, I’m not going to pretend that the mood
good and I is friendly, — said Dima. Temperature 38,2, bronchi
clearly have a cold… a Very nasty condition. I want to sleep, but I sleep badly,
Wake up all wet from sweat. All therapeutic measures already adopted. Why is it always
before the birthday of the forces so little for it? I hope tomorrow I will Wake up and
it will be easier…”

Excited fans immediately showered the idol wishes
speedy recovery, and also people’s recipes get rid of the disease.

In addition, fans have operatively that the star can not afford to lie down in bed for wards of “the Voice”, preparing for
the finale of the popular TV show. But the flu epidemic, to capture Moscow, is fraught with unpleasant complications.