Dima told about his illness

Дима Билан рассказал о своей болезни

The popular singer-songwriter runs the risk of spending your birthday in bed.

About the epidemic say it all: in the news, schools and kindergartens, doctors are asked to be careful, and parents do not allow their children to educational institutions.

But many cannot avoid illness, especially people with jetskis work schedule and reduced immunitetom.

Dima Bilan, who on 24 December will be 35 years, also did not escape the flu.

“Sick, I’m not going to pretend that the mood is good and friendly I live… the Temperature is 38.2, and bronchi. It’s disgusting really, to sleep, how to sleep in a puddle of sweat!!! All treatment measures! Why is it always in front of others forces so little is left for everything? I hope tomorrow I will Wake up and it will be easier if no…” complained Dima subscribers.

Fans immediately began to give his advice on the treatment and wished a speedy recovery.

Meanwhile, a colleague of Dima Yuri Loza also complained of bronchitis.

Here the infirmary, all suffer. One friend told me that the child was taken to kindergarten, and now the whole family is. All the same, near, close. One blew, the others came down. And we in the theatre went on a “death spiral”, where something from someone and grabbed all sick. Are treated at home. Just lie there and heal. The body is fighting, and not disturb him. Temperature 38, and it is good, – he told Woman’s Day.