Dima Malikov-Junior chef

Дима Маликов-младший стал шеф-поваром
Nephew Dima Malikov shared unique recipes cereals.

Dima Malikov, Jr.

Photo: courtesy of organizers

Malikov Jr. broke the family tradition. The heir of a musical clan that includes his grandfather Yuriy Malikov (the Creator of the legendary BAND “the Gems”), uncle Dmitry Malikov (composer and singer) and mother Inna Malikova (singer, now lead singer of “New gem”) brought to YouTube users as a chef.

The young man opened the official
the channel is own cooking show. Malikov Jr. not only
immediately prepares a variety of dishes, but also shares impressions received in
travelling to different countries: “My goal is to adapt the most delicious
dishes from around the world under the range of our grocery stores”. From the first issue of the culinary
show Dima Malikov, the audience learned about the five choices of cereals. Link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yCdC7I-0Qk

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