Дима Билан хочет покарать своих «убийц» In the Network periodically appear fake news about the death of a famous artist. Dima Bilan is enraged by the actions of the people who spread such information. The singer contacted lawyers to find the criminals who are spreading incorrect information.

This Sunday, December 24, Dima Bilan celebrates his birthday. The singer turns 36 years old. On the eve of important dates, the journalists contacted the artist and found out about how he relates to his age, judging the project “the Voice”, the financial crisis and the many rumors in the Network. Some time ago in the Internet appeared the false news that Dima died. Links to materials in which was revealed the cause of death of the artist, led to questionable resources.

During the conversation with reporters, where he stated that it is outraged by the actions of the people who spread such materials.

“I read about that died. Feeling dubious, I must say. At some point, very angry, has hired lawyers to understand, whence feet grow at this news. And learned, a company specializing in the sale of some fake ointments, creams from wrinkles and other powders, so I decided to raise the traffic to your site. All these many links and banners telling me this nonsense, waged on their website,” shared the singer.

The artist noted that many famous people regularly “buried” in the press, for example, Paul McCartney. Friends tried to comfort Bilan, telling him that any PR can benefit. However, the contractor does not agree with such arguments.

“Nothing good this news brought me no. In the same city, the audience ran to deliver tickets to my concert and I died, and then the stage will not work. And I here he is, alive and well! Just lost weight and shaved. Dark forces – they’re not asleep. They are waiting to prove themselves. That showed,” said the musician.

Speaking about the consequences of the deteriorating economic situation in the country, Bilan admitted that the crisis is almost not felt. The singer works a lot and regularly plays to full houses. No wonder in the past year Dima was among the most popular in the Network, representatives of domestic show-business. The artist searched for more often than Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, experiencing a messy divorce.

Talking to media representatives, Bilan complained about the moral crisis of modern society.

“There is some kind of global change concepts, values, it is unclear what is good and what is bad. Even in the example of show-business can be judged: many artists become stars in the Wake of the scandals, nothing for the soul. One big story on the Internet, then a talk show – and you’re a star! Although these stars also appear,” said Dima in an interview with “Telenedelya”.