The singer said that he had moved to a new system of power.

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34-year-old Dima Bilan fans who already
a few months concerned about his sudden and, in their view, excessive
thinness, put an end to disturbing conversations about the state of his health. Singer
has assured fans that the sharp weight loss in any case is not associated with any
disease — moreover, doing your body Dima decided before she could

“It’s not sick
Dima??? Lost weight very, Very thin and old face became, “Dima, the cheekbones are… eat steel!”,
“On the face one nose. it seems that you’re so 40 years”, “With this kind of something
you need to do!!! At least begin to eat… and that Kashchei similar soon

Such frightened comments
made Bilan to clarify.

“I just decided to relieve himself a little,
touring since everyday life does not contribute to the proper diet. And
since January, were the conditions possible of gastritis, I decided to listen to
your body, more attentive to their health, — said
singer. — Now I practice a raw food diet, doing sports. Eat often, but little. At
the morning try to eat cereal. Just more selectively sensitive to the fact that

Raw food diet — common among the stars style food. Minimally processed
before use, the foods eaten, for example, Victoria Bonya, Angelina Jolie, Duchess Catherine and Natalia Oreiro.

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