Дима Билан рассказал правду о взятках на шоу «Голос»
The singer scolds himself for his actions.

Dima Bilan

Photo: @bilanofficial (Instagram Dima Bilan)

Network long walk rumors that the show “the Voice” and “Voice. Children” the winner is not the strongest party, and the secured. Supposedly to make it in the finalists participants must provide judges and organizers of a large bribe. However, frankly admitted the other day Dima Bilan, it’s not true. In any case, he never accepted “gifts” from the participants before the finals, what, by the way, a little regret…

Dima admits that in his career there were situations when parents of young novice artists offered him costly gifts, but he courageously refused.

“Was “rolled up” with gifts or with some embroidered sweatshirts, I mean someone that can. This was especially before the finale. Said: “Hello! We have a gift for you!”, and I replied, “no, Thank you! Next time… After the show — please! But not to…” Because if “to”, then it is a bribe. To judge no one goes in advance. It is known to all.

There were, of course, and such overtures with some very expensive accessories. I don’t even know how much they cost. But I’ve never taken and will not take. My conscience is clear. So I sleep bad… But not because I took something, and due to the fact that something did not take. But I am grateful for the way things are!” — Dima admitted in an interview with the show “OK to touch”.

By the way, Bilan also hinted that perhaps next season, the organizers of the show can return to the judicial seat of the original jury.