Dima Bilan suffering from sleep disorders

Дима Билан страдает нарушением сна
The singer told why he could not sleep at night.

Photo: Instagram

Dima Bilan, who is now on tour in cities of Russia, shared with fans of your joy: he was finally able to sleep! This message, on the contrary, made the fans worried about the health of your favorite singer.

It turns out that for many years Bilan is suffering from sleep disorders.

“Usually, the conscience eats my dreams, — the singer admitted. Or unfinished business, or a sudden emotion of happiness to the feeling of swing of the swing down… And today is one of those rare moments when it seems everything is managed and things don’t seem to be one big BLOB, which wash off, erase not possible, always remain or divorce, or little ink spots — imperfections. Fall asleep easily, which almost never happens and it was not very long ago.”

The singer’s health in recent years leaves much to be desired. This spring, the media spread information about codima Bilateral sick. In reality it was not so fatal: the singer was diagnosed with multiple hernias in the spine. The actor admits that the disease has brought him a lot of discomfort in life.

Most unpleasant was the fact that Bilan is due to established health problems had serious problems with his hands. He felt numb, he could not perform basic everyday activities — for example, fasten buttons or open the wallet.