Dima Bilan openly spoke about his illness

Дима Билан откровенно рассказал о своей болезни
The singer revealed the reasons for his extreme weight loss.

Dima Bilan New wave Junior

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Fans of Dima Bilan for several months, sounding the alarm: their idol
rapidly losing weight and was fading right before our eyes. Many even assumed the worst — began to suspect a deadly disease. But recently, Dima Bilan broke the silence and told the truth about what
it’s actually happening. The singer said that coped with terrible pain from five hernias in the spine and
now feeling much better. Dramatically losing weight from severe pain, he has now become
to gain weight. Children’s “New wave”, which ended in the Crimea, where he demonstrated that his weight returned to normal. When Dima was asked to stand on the scales to prove it, the singer easily
agreed. “83 kilos! Excellent weight,” said Bilan.

A few months ago on the Network “walks” the information that
the weight of the people’s pet was only 69 pounds.

Recall that in early March, 2017 Bilan came to the ceremony music award “Sound Track”,
where was the winner in the nomination “Singer of the year”. During the session the telephone
when journalist Arthur Gasparyan Dima openly said that he is in the hospital for examination regarding her back pain.

“I long, but the time has come when all should
to deal with health — said the hospitalized singer. — At the slightest stress was having a hell of a pain, I couldn’t even
to fasten the button on the jacket.” As it became known, during
examination doctors diagnosed Bilan five hernias in my spine and insisted
for immediate operation.