Dima Bilan lost hair

Дима Билан лишился волос The actor shocked his fans with an unexpected transformation. The man has published a photo, which appeared without lush hair. Members of the musician did not expect that their idol will dare to shave my head. Followers began to present their version of the cause of the cardinal change of image of a celebrity.

      Dima Bilan surprised its subscribers. In the last picture in Instagram the actor showed bald head. The reaction of the followers was predictable. Just a couple of hours users Network left page star thousands of comments, which were very emotional about the Transfiguration Bilan. Most fans were surprised at how Dima managed to decide on such a dramatic transformation. Obviously some subscribers the idea that their pet has serious health problems.

      Dima Bilan is suffering from the pain of

      Some time ago it became known that the experts have identified Bilan five hernias in the spine. As a result, the singer experienced severe back pain. It came to the point that at some point a celebrity could not move without assistance. As reported, the musician refuses surgical intervention, believing that to fight the illness and can be more conservative. Apparently, this is what has caused such a negative reaction from followers. Everything else, last year Dima dropped 12 pounds, which forced the fans to build unfavourable forecasts.

      “My God, what happened? Have you done chemo? I hope you’ll be all right!” “I’m in shock! I can’t believe you made this? Are you so bad health?”, “I hope that you are all in good health!”, – worried followers.

      As it turned out, the life and health of Dima is not in danger. Currently, the man is preparing to shoot in the movie “Labyrinth”, to be held in Norway. Obviously, in the music video Bilan is planning to appear in unexpected even for themselves. However, most of the singer’s fans don’t know about his creative projects, so their reaction is understandable. Someone suggested that the actor shaved his head for a new role in a big movie, while others believe that the star was just tired from years of the way, securing him, and wanted to changed the style. There were also those who expressed the opinion that Dima has depression and he does not know how to deal with it.

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      “Perhaps he would have a new role in the movie, so I obrilsya! How many stars did that? So, all right,” “Wow, Dima, can’t get used to. I hope that plans are to deprive yourself hair”, “I Wonder what circumstances prompted you? Fortunately, if this movie role,” expressed the opinion of commentators.

      Note that Dima Bilan has decided not to comment on the social network his extreme transformation. That’s why the fans didn’t know what to assume. Although it is recognized that many followers of the artist like his new image. They wrote that he is a very selected style. “Wow, Dima, you are beautiful regardless of style”, “Pictures plunged me into shock, but I like you in any way,” “Dima, you look good in any way, you’re the best at everything, you’re great man, you have a good heart, you are a slave in a good sense of your profession, you’re doing it all with a soul!” – supported musician subscribers in Instagram.