Дима Билан впервые честно ответил на вопрос об отцовстве
Why does the singer actually postpones the appearance of the child?

Dima Bilan

Photo: @bilanofficial Instagram Dima Bilan

Dima Bilan raised in conversation with the fans very delicate subject. Previously, the artist has avoided reporters ‘ questions about when he will have children. He joked that, they say, he himself still need to grow up or that postponing this event due to the incredible employment. Today, Bilan gave a honest answer. As it turned out, taking care of her younger sister completely stole his early desire to become a father.

Anna was born when Dima was already 13 years old. As they grow older, parents of the future stars of the stage shifted to the older brother of the responsibility for the education of girls. “I nasalsa early responsibility for his little sister! We are all different, to each his own! I am happy in my current study of the world, there’s so much to understand and learn!” — said Bilan.

However, he does not exclude that after 40 years you’ll change your mind. By the way, Dima, by his own admission, was once a step away from becoming a father. But at the last moment he changed his mind because of his difficult character.

About my personal life Dima says almost nothing. But his friends claim that he for many years is in a relationship with a girl named Inna. This, by the way, told me and a younger sister Bilan. The singer categorically does not want to devote extraneous details in his novel.