Дима Билан страдает на больничной койке The singer is taking serious steps to prevent the development of serious illness. Dima keeps abreast of the state of health of their loyal fans. A musician trying to get better, to get back to work.

      Fans of the popular singer Dima Bila concerned, the artist said that the seriously ill. The musician posted a photo of the hospital to which he was suspected of pneumonia. Bilan hastened to reassure his fans and said that now his health is not in danger, and he is under the watchful supervision of doctors. Apparently, he was not pleased by the prospect of spending a few days in a hospital bed – he wants soon to return to normal.

      “Yay, bronchitis (first time rejoice with the disease). Catch the tail of the disease, a little more and passed would have pneumonia! Measures taken the most, but I lie take a few days still and not rock the boat! Again the miracles of balancing act you need to master to combine the incompatible?” – shared the latest news about your condition Bilan.

      Fans were glad that their favorite actor escaped serious illness, and hastened to cheer him in the fight against disease. “Dima, get well soon. And still have to relax. Life is not given for work and for pleasure”, “Dima, you recently lose weight and lose weight, do not be so hard to lose weight! Take care, get well soon and not get sick ever! You are such a talented, positive, energetic, beautiful and sincere person. Live long and prosper, I wish you success in your work, always delight us with his wonderful voice. Love you so much”, “that’s Right! Need to lie down and then you will get well soon! Well, the treatment on time! Get Well, Dima!” – fans sent sincere wishes to his idol.

      For several days the winner of “Eurovision-2008” was shared with the followers their health. He did not hide from the fans that due to poor health he has no mood. Dima wanted to sleep and more likely to overcome ailment. Despite the fact that he had fever, he was unable to leave work and to devote a day of rest.

      “The state of not standing 100%! Only unable to draw a Christmas Quartet, which is shooting right now. Although I was already waiting in the hospital on the lung and the vitamins, in General, with a temperature of 38.4, but in the service!” – said Bilan.