Dima Bilan is suffering from the pain of

Дима Билан страдает от адской боли Singer postpones surgery. Dima Bilan doesn’t want to cancel plans, but because they took a short break to recuperate. The artist as little as possible to talk about problems with their health.

      As it became known, the popular singer Dima Bilan is trying to restore health. According to some information, the man is recommended to go to surgery as soon as possible due to a hernia on the spine. As the doctors say that the disease brings to the artist the incredible pain. Despite the fact that doctors insist on operation, Bilan doesn’t want to ruin plans.

      “It’s true, lately I’ve had a hell of pain. Numb fingers — I couldn’t do the basic things: zip up a zipper to open the purse, holding something in his hand. Couldn’t sleep because of all this. When went to doctors, did not have half an hour to lie on the MRI — the drugs didn’t work. The chiropractor found I have not even three but five hernias in the spine. I’m better now, I assure you that after the holiday, which is considered relevant in this case, I come back and do the treatment closely”, – said Bilan.

      The producer of the singer Yana Rudkovskaya confessed that Dima has so far refused from surgical intervention, because he is now involved in the show “the Voice.Children.” “Dima in the last year seriously engaged in health-which, unfortunately, failed him a few months ago that he had stomach problems, which he lost, – says Yana. And now there is another problem, which I would not like to tell, after all, human health is his own business. From surgical intervention at this stage he refused, unfortunately. Maybe he really doesn’t want to let anybody down in front of him — the television broadcast of “the Voice”, he fears that will not be restored to them. Zhenya insisted on surgery, but Dima decided to return to this issue after the completion of “the Voice”.

      Last autumn, the mentor of TV’s “the Voice” and “Voice.Children” scared fans with drastic weight loss. As it turned out, the winner of “Eurovision” in 2008 went on a diet and became a raw eater. In just four months he managed to get rid of 12 pounds. Fans were concerned about his appearance, as the man lost a lot of weight. Dima Bilan has lost 12 pounds because of dangerous diet

      “About your health do not want to talk to the whole country, but to hide don’t want anything. Now me doctors, I’m following the regulations. Thank you to everyone who worried about me. I am sure that all will be well,” the singer admitted with a conversation with the newspaper Life.