Dima Bilan is preparing a secret show

Дима Билан готовит секретное шоу

The singer holds in strictest confidence all details of the upcoming concert in “Crocus”. However, Woman’s Day managed to learn a few details.

On 15 and 16 November at the “Crocus city Hall” Dima Bilan will present his new show “Indivisible”, dedicated to his birthday (December 24, the singer turns 35 years). Singer argues that we have not seen! They say that this is a Grand, masterfully, the audience can hear the innovative effects and more. Yes, sounds promising. But on the direct question of what the audience will see the singer only smiled enigmatically and said nothing. Woman’s Day went his heels, tortured him as he could and still managed to learn at least some details!

First, the concert will take part the team of Dima Bilan from the children’s “Voices”. And if you remember the recent performance of Dima at the “New wave” in Sochi with the winner of “the Voice. Children” Danilo Pluzhnikov, sobbed when the whole room, then you can stock up on handkerchiefs. Touching the numbers in the program will be accurate.

Secondly, there will be other duets, but with older stars – colleagues Bilan on stage. However, who exactly, remains a mystery.

And thirdly, Bilan promises to demonstrate on stage some unusual lighting effects, which are called by mysterious word “kinetics”.

“Yes, kinetics. It’s light, such mumbo Jumbo in the design. It will be interesting, will be new songs and a new perspective on familiar music, and so forth, is intrigued by Dima in an interview. — Times change, priorities change, music styles, new artists, that’s fine, but these remain unchanged as I do. 14 consecutive years, every year doing concerts. This year this is an exceptional case: two days in “Crocus”. We wanted to do like last year and the year before, but now I do. So be sure to come, November 15, as far as I understand, has already scored on the 16th, there are still places”.