Дима Билан поделился первым видео со съемок «Голоса» The new season of project promises to be exciting. The video was filmed all four coaches of the popular show – Dima Bilan, Leonid Agutin, Filipp Kirkorov and Polina Gagarina. Fans happy to see it again in the red seats of their favorite jury member.

      Next Friday, September 2, on the First channel will start a new, fifth season of the popular project “the Voice.” Fans of the show eagerly wait for it to start, and the creators gradually reveal the map.

      So, on Sunday one of the mentors of the show Dima Bilan is placed in the microblog video featuring all four judges of “the Voice”. The video captures an excerpt of their joint photo shoot in the Studio of the popular TV show. In the frame of Dima Bilan, Leonid Agutin, Filipp Kirkorov and Polina Gagarina posing. And each of them remains true to himself. Restrained Gagarin, strict Leps, good-natured incendiary Agutin and Bilan, who amuses fans, effectively trying to climb on a chair to get in the frame.

      “Excellent, so well done, that’s handsome! Dmitry Bilan, and you some of the most original”, – motivates mentors main producer of music and entertainment programs of the First channel Yuri Aksyuta.

      In the video went and technicians of the Studio, you can see how during a photo shoot one of the women wipes the seat availability of mentors, Even a short video gives the opportunity to conclude that spectators are again waiting for an incredible and sparkling spectacle. Of course, it will be such and with the help of mentors of “the Voice” who know how to expertly create the mood of the public and to support participants of the blind auditions and then the show.

      We will remind that the main intrigue of the fifth season of the show “the Voice” to members of the jury. In the Internet appeared the information that at this time the chair mentors is Sergey Lazarev, Nadezhda Babkina, Alexander Gradsky, Timothy and Lyubov Uspenskaya. And just a few days ago “StarHit” found that the chairs of the mentors is Dima Bilan, Leonid Agutin, Filipp Kirkorov and Polina Gagarina. Became known the names of mentors, the new season of the show “the Voice”

      Before the blind auditions that took place in Moscow in the last days of August, got about 150 applicants during the year participated in the auditions throughout Russia. The most intense was the capital to try their luck on them in July came many famous people. Among them ex-“fabrikantki Sogdiana and Yulia Mikhalchik, the former husband of actress Anastasia Makeeva, Gleb Matveichuk, not the first time trying to get to the project, but did not last beyond the first round, the star of the show “Junior” Ivan Dubrovsky, star photographer Vladimir Shirokov.

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