Dima Bilan has helped the crooks to earn more than 300 thousand rubles

Дима Билан помог мошенникам заработать более 300 тысяч рублей

The more well-known artist, those are easier for criminals to cash in on his name. Earlier we talked about the fact that unidentified swindlers “have earned” on the organization of tours of Angelica Agurbash, despite the fact that the singer on this was neither sleep nor spirit. Now, “trafficking” was taken by Dima Bilan.

A blatant case of fraud occurred in Nizhny Novgorod.

Hanging around the city billboards that the judge show “the Voice” is going to make a new video and he needs people for extras, the scammers had attracted hundreds of unsuspecting citizens, fans of the musician, which managed to earn more than 300 thousand rubles. The scheme is quite simple: speculators offered extras earnings in the amount of two to five thousand rubles, but that you’ve been approved, you have to send them 300 rubles and your passport details.

When the Scam was revealed, sent money back, none of the fans Bilan could not return. Deceived were about a thousand people,

“I think this is a blatant case. If you do hear anything about shooting videos, do not believe, warns fans of Dima, — I Have the whole service, the financiers I work with. I’m not looking for actors!”