Дима Билан категорически отказывается жениться The singer satisfied with the relationship and without a stamp in the passport. About it journalists were told by the sister of the famous artist, designer Elena Belan-Zimin. According to relatives of Dima Bilan, for several years, he meets with coach Inna Andreeva.

Recently ex-girlfriend Dima Bilan 35-year-old Elena Kuletskaya has unveiled the second pregnancy. The model was released with a noticeably rounded belly. The child’s father was the Director of photography Stanislav Romanovsky, from which Elena already have a daughter nick. Meanwhile, ex-lover kuletskoy, 36-year-old Dima Bilan, is not in a hurry to start a family.

As described to journalists the sister of artist Elena Belan-Zimin, for a long time now he’s Dating a yoga teacher Inna Andreeva.

“This girl has long been close to Dima. Probably more than a decade. It is all these years was in his immediate circle. Although it is far from show business. Inna is a native of the Krasnodar region, but has been living in Moscow”, – said cousin Dima.

Sister Bilan communicates with his chosen one. Inna often helps Elena with useful advice and suggests exercises. “We have been friends with her. I often post her photos in Instagram,” says a relative of the stars. Once Andreev even took part in a photo shoot of the collection of clothing created Belan-Zimina.

Dima Bilan doesn’t like to talk about the personal life and share photos of girls in social networks. Fans sympathetic to the desire of the stars. Close Dima wait, and when he would propose Inna and sent to the Registrar, but the singer is in no hurry to legalize the relationship with the beloved. Sister Bilan has repeatedly talked with him on the subject.

“Oh, we’re out here to convince Dima to get married! Says that it is all happy,” – said Elena Belan-Zimin.

As told sister Bilan, he met ina when I worked with Yuri ajzenshpisom. The singer went on tour in Anapa, where there was a fateful meeting. In the future, Dima invited the girl to her house and then she moved to the capital.

During the conversation with journalists Elena Belan-Zimin also told about the support of the famous brothers. Dima’s parents bought a house in Kolomna, where they moved from Kabardino-Balkaria. In addition, the artist wrote on Instagram that his sister is engaged in fashion design. By the way, in their collections Elena uses the sketch of Dima. “It’s a bird, which he many years ago invented and drew” – shared Belan-head with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.