Dilara confirmed her divorce from Morgenstern For several months, Morgenstern and his wife have been wandering around abroad, and the other day There were rumors that the couple was breaking up.

Dilara confirmed divorce from Morgenstern The rapper himself hinted at this in his last musical creation. Well, now this fact was confirmed by Dilara, who is currently alone in Dubai, while the faithful went to receive Israeli citizenship.

Dilara confirmed her divorce from Morgenstern

On camera, the girl said that her marriage with the musician had cracked immediately after the wedding.

“I have never been happier, than on our wedding day. I wanted to be part of his family, to be his best friend, but I understand that this is simply impossible. It breaks me from what is happening, from the understanding that they themselves did it. Neither I nor Alisher can continue this anymore, ”Dilara shared, adding that at one time she fell in love with Alisher and married Morgenstern. Like, her lover's scandalous and provocative lifestyle ruined everything.

Dilara confirmed her divorce from Morgenstern

The artist himself, having listened to the revelations of his wife, agreed with her words, noting that she “sorted everything out.”

Nevertheless, almost no one believed in the divorce of this couple. Many suspect that by spreading the rumor about the discord, the family is trying to stir up interest in the new song of Morgenstern, who began to lose popularity.

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