Непростые отношения Ольги Арнтгольц с мужем и сестрой

Непростые отношения Ольги Арнтгольц с мужем и сестрой
For the real lovers of cinema a well known name Arntgolts with German notes belonging to two popular twins Tatiana and Olga.
Recently don’t stop talking about the fact that the sisters, named after the heroines of the novel “Eugene Onegin” has long ago are at loggerheads and not talking to each other…

Younger from sisters for 20 minutes Olga Arntgolts closed from viewers and practically gives no interviews. Not a secret that the stage the stage the twin sisters began to emerge from childhood. At birth girls was to become Actresses because their parents are also in this craft. It is not surprising that they first performed on the theatre stage in his native Kaliningrad. After school they went together to conquer Moscow in drama school. Do not spill water everywhere together, even on the first shooting, they were invited together. Girls became popular and recognizable after starring in the teen TV series “Simple truth”. Then sisters played in the movie “Why do you have an alibi” in the movie
Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Gloss”. But their similarity Arntgolts decided not to abuse it. What girls like, not only externally but also

Непростые отношения Ольги Арнтгольц с мужем и сестройBut despite all this, the press increasingly began to appear about the unspoken fierce competition sisters. They say that Olga is jealous of my sister because she gets less roles in movies. Even the number of subscribers in Instagram, if u tatiany their nearly 150 000, Olga just over 6 thousand subscribers. What Olga says that this is a tiny part of her life – social networking and wasting your time she wants. Besides fans admit that the sisters could run the black cat still for the money, because they say enough about the high fees Tatyana and thus can afford more. Exotic travel, expensive restaurants, branded items. What
Olga is justified that he loves to spend more time at home to do the cooking. Really envy embroil sisters? All this refutes Olga Arntgolts, argues that the most disputes, but to quarrel in any case! But only rejoices when compared with the sister. “This is my home man! This is my second half! This is my second – I am!” — responds to all allegations of Olga.

Непростые отношения Ольги Арнтгольц с мужем и сестройAlso, the girls declare that I have never shared men’s and tastes they are completely different. She was married to Ivan by Zhidkova and
now with the handsome Marc by Bogatyryov. Olga after a series of infidelities in 2015, has left her husband Vakhtang Beridze, whom she had a daughter Anya. A year later she again became a mother and gave the son of Director Dmitry Petrony. The star said that children are the most beautiful thing that happened in her life. Children Olga does not advertise in public and in social media, believes it is the happiness of contemplation for parents, any stranger, they do not need.

Strife, envy and hatred between the sisters really just gossip, really, more than anything Olga Arntgolts values
his family and nothing more important to her not – even a favorite work can wait.

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