Сложное решение: Соколовский и Дакота передумали возвращаться в Россию
A couple with a small child will live in Bali.

Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota

Photo: @Vlad Sokolovsky vs20 Instagram

Vlad Sokolovsky and Dakota last year “overwinter” in Bali. Yesterday, the pair along with her parents and daughter MIA had to return to Russia. “That’s come to the end of our endless journey and of course from this incredibly sad, despite the fact that Moscow and close, and a lot of interesting projects and cases! We will have to deal with it and accept it as always with an open heart,” wrote the other day Vlad. However, the couple decided not to fly back to his native country. About his decision Vlad announced on the page in social networks.

“So today was the adoption of quite difficult decisions for us! To stay on this island for some time. The decision was made very abruptly, due to various, including personal circumstances,” — said Sokolowski friends.

Interestingly, Vlad and Rita stayed in Bali, despite the difficulties that accompanied them during the holidays. First, the Villa where they stayed was robbed, and then the singer picked up a dangerous virus, then he “stole” an expensive mobile phone… And while the holidays Sokolowski definitely not be called “serene,” he still decided to extend them.

Recall that in late October, former members of the “American idol” to become parents. The daughter of artists called the MIA, which caused conflict for young parents with Agatha muceniece. The actress expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Dakota and Vlad used to have “employed” her daughter’s name.