Диета довела Юлию Высоцкую до агрессии The actress spoke about dietary restrictions. According to Yulia Vysotskaya, she tries not to limit yourself to food, as it recalls a negative experience. It is important not only to be slim but ready for heavy shooting.

For several years actress Julia teaches people from all over the world to cook. TV on the go cooking show featuring star and the works of her authorship can be purchased in any store. Is the celebrity delights fans with slim figure and fresh complexion. Many are trying to figure out what her secret. Julia believes that it is impossible to limit yourself in food, as it negatively affects the overall health of the person.

“For example, I know what I want to do only what brings me pleasure. Something that I do, I do at least 120% and 1200%. And love and respect yourself for how I function, how I work, communicate with people, achieve those goals that stand before me. I want to be an effective person. The effectiveness is not just an emotional urge, not only motivation. My efficiency depends on my physiology. If I want to continue to be in demand actress, I always have to stay in shape and be attractive. Not only be of a size, but I also have to jump and gasp, my face should at least fit in the frame and to be fresh” – shared the actress during the lecture, “Rebooting”.

As the avatar, she always thought that a fully healthy way of life deprives man of all pleasures.

“There is nothing worse than the abbreviation HLS. The term “healthy lifestyle” effect on me like I was a bull a red rag. It involves proper nutrition. What does this mean? The complete absence of sugar, alcohol, spicy, fatty, salty, high-calorie, starchy foods, coffee, chocolate… Lack of happiness and joy! Has anyone tried to just give it up? I – Yes! And I think just lost days, weeks, months. Well, not years. Brand gone for nothing, when the body did not understand what was happening to him, was in a complete panic and started like crazy to stock up. Because instead of a reward we give him 10 kilometers runs and another hour of power yoga. As I looked at this? Not exactly like the dream woman with huge black eyes, and to approach me closer than two meters it was impossible, because I bite very much,” admits Julia.

The lecture worked for tried to teach the students how to eat right to the body did not feel stress. In her opinion, for best results, do not test the organism a mono-diet or a detox – they provide only short-term effect.

“I understand that if I have a gig tonight, I will not be able eve to drink champagne with his girlfriend until one o’clock. In this manner, it is desirable to be all the time. But sometimes so tired I don’t know what you ate – some dried bread with butter and cheese. And where are my boiled vegetables? I like them even with them and bring them back, but I have no power on steamed vegetables. Give joy! This happens at all, but this food is in any case should not become the rule. That is your discipline. Apparently, I’ve reached that level, when you realize that you’re going to have. That’s the choice and question” – the words Vysotskaya Wday.