Diego Luna will replace al Pacino in the remake of “Scarface”

Диего Луна заменит Аль Пачино в ремейке «Лица со шрамом»

Another remake from Universal. The Studio undertakes the creation of a new version of the cult film “Scarface”, in which the main role once played by al Pacino.

The actor, who greatly helped the picture become so awesome in the remake to act will not. His place will be the star of the movie “Rogue-one: Star wars. The History Of” Diego Luna.

It is expected that the shooting of the remake is expected to begin this spring. However, while it is not found the Director, who will bring to life all the ideas of the Studio.

Recall the movie “Scarface” 1983, Director Brian De Palma is also a remake of the film of 1932 Howard hawks with Paul Muni in the title role, taking into account modern realities. In the center of the story — the ambitious criminal Tony Montana (al Pacino), who settled in Miami, and later made a career out of the drug trade in their new homeland.

Initially received scathing reviews from critics, the modern film “Scarface” is regarded as one of the greatest gangster films in history.